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The short version:

Jennifer Pelland lives outside Boston with an Andy, a mother and daughter pair of cats, an impractical amount of books, and an ever-growing collection of belly dance gear and radio theater scripts. She's garnered two Nebula nominations, and many of her short stories were collected in Unwelcome Bodies, put out by Apex in 2008. Apex also released her debut novel, Machine, in 2012. She is currently in temporary retirement from writing to concentrate on belly dance instead.

The long version:

I'm a short-story author with one published novel and am probably best known for two Nebula-nominated short stories "Captive Girl" (2007) and "Ghosts of New York" (2010). "Captive Girl" also made the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards short list.

To get serious about writing, I started by taking a class at Grub Street, then went through three Writer's Respites at WisCon and Ann Crispin's workshop at Shore Leave, completed the Viable Paradise science fiction workshop in 2002, and the Strange Horizons workshop in 2003.

I have been a member of the Broad Universe advisory board, and have been a workshop pro at WisCon for several years. I was also a SFWA web volunteer, worked on the program books for United Fan Con and Noreascon 4, spent two years as support staff for Viable Paradise, and was a Speculative Literature Foundation online mentor in their pilot program.

My other creative outlets are bellydance and radio theater. I'm one-half of the tribal fusion duo Tassellations, and perform as a soloist as well. I'm one of the voices in The Fantastic Fate of Frederick Farnsworth the Fifth, and have performed extensively with the Post-Meridian Radio Players.

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